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For over 20 years, Ergonauts has worked with companies and individuals to improve health and reduce risk of injury. With the effective application of Lean Ergonomics, we can…

  • Evaluate. Consistent and repeatable ergo eval tools that improve evaluator efficiency by up to 75%.

  • Recommend. Personalized reports address injury risk factors and provide specific solutions.

  • Mediate. Product identification and correct installation.

… and achieve improved worker efficiency, cost reduction from injury avoidance, and improved productivity of both evaluators and evaluees.

ErgoAlgo™ Office

The exciting first installment of the Ergonauts™ evaluation platform, ErgoAlgo™ Office revolutionizes the ergonomic evaluation. Using our Lean platform designed to reduce evaluation time to as little as 15 minutes while still ensuring best practices, ErgoAlgo™ Office enables evaluators of all backgrounds to provide ergonomic assessments with an efficiency and ease not seen before in the industry.

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Lean Ergonomics [ur-guh-nom-iks] noun.

An applied science focused on understanding interactions among people and other elements of a system and on designing elements and systems to optimize human wellbeing and overall system performance. Also called human engineering.

Ergonauts [ur-guh-näts] noun.

A company that helps people and organizations integrate good ergonomics into their everyday lives and cultures through technology, education, and consulting.

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