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Ergonauts Approved Definition Products will be evaluated and objectively measured against recognized guidelines or standards, which have been cited in the written evaluation. We make no claims for the quality, strengths of materials, or craftsmanship in the product. The Ergonaut Approved status applies only to the product evaluated and its implied use under normal circumstances, in the manner that most provides the optimum ergonomics and performance. Design changes in the product will require a re-evaluation to maintain the endorsement and the use of the Ergonauts Official Seal of Approval. It is understood that the product is being evaluated for use under ordinary conditions to determine if the product is ergonomically designed for the intended population of users. No claims are being made for use under extraordinary conditions such as hurricanes, fires, tornados, etc. A written evaluation of the product indicating whether it is ergonomic or non-ergonomic and why it is ergonomic or non-ergonomic will be submitted. When applicable, suggestions for improvements have been submitted to the product manufacturer. Also, the question of whether human factors considerations have been designed into the product has been considered. If the Ergonaut Approved endorsement is used in advertising, marketing or packaging, the consumer must be directed to a copy of the Certificate of Approval, which may be via the website of the product or the website, or through Ergonauts proprietary ErgoAlgo™ Platform software.

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