Ergonomics [ur-guh-nom-iks] noun.
An applied science focused on understanding interactions among people and other elements of a system, and on designing elements and systems to optimize human wellbeing and overall system performance. Also called human engineering.
Ergonauts [ur-guh-näts] noun.
1. A company that helps people and organizations integrate good ergonomics into their everyday lives and cultures through technology, education, and consulting. 2. Members of the company’s team of professionals whose collective experience in ergonomics and related fields totals hundreds of years and who believe ergonomics is for everyone.

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Our technology plus our network equals ergonomics for everyone
Our Technology
Our warp-speed ErgoAlgo℠ technology allows users to quickly and accurately evaluate workstations and recommend countermeasures to abate ergonomics risk factors so people can work safely and efficiently. Our first app, ErgoAlgo℠ Office, brings good ergonomics to millions of office workers, and includes complimentary embedded prewritten policies and procedures to help their companies achieve world-class ergonomics processes. And we’re creating apps for other industries, too, to enhance wellbeing and quality of life for people everywhere.

Makes evals up to 75% faster
Our Network of Ergonauts
Our Certified Office Ergonautic Evaluators (COEEs)—we call them Ergonauts—are all specially trained to use our proprietary technology to conduct onsite ergo evals. Our growing national network includes both Independent Ergonauts with backgrounds in ergonomics-related fields and Corporate Partner Ergonauts, whose organizations leverage our services to enhance those they provide their own clients.

Ergonauts are where you are
Optimize Your Wellbeing and Performance
Want to be sure you’re working in the healthiest, most effective way?
Schedule an Ergo Eval—for 1 person or 1,000—and we’ll dispatch one or more Ergonauts to:
  • conduct Ergo Eval(s) using our groundbreaking ErgoAlgo℠ Office app,
  • expertly customize workstation(s) for ideal ergonomic layout where possible, and
  • advise you of countermeasures, including product recommendations, to abate risk factors.
Join Our Network to Help Take Ergonomics to Everyone
Become an Independent Ergonaut
Work in an ergonomics-related field? Want to enhance your professional credentials, set your own schedule, and earn extra money helping us take ergonomics to everyone? As an Independent Ergonaut, you’ll receive education in Lean Ergonomics, training to use our proprietary app to conduct ergo evaluations, and company-referred assignments. Our training qualifies for Continuing Education credit for many professional associations, and you’ll have opportunities to expand your work beyond office environments as we roll out apps in other industries.
Partner with Ergonauts
Many companies use our app inhouse to conduct ergo evals, and we also partner with corporate service providers such as physical/occupational therapy clinics, occupational medicine professionals, and others who use our technology to enhance the ergonomics services they deliver. Corporate partners can also get Ergonauts-referred office eval assignments and opportunities to expand beyond office environments as we roll out apps in other industries. Team members can also earn Continuing Education credit for many professional associations.
Help for Discerning Good Ergonomics
Ergonauts Approved™ for Products
Our multidisciplined team of experts evaluates products to determine the authenticity of ergonomics claims. Only those that pass our thorough evaluation earn the Ergonauts Approved™ seal of approval. Many Ergonauts Approved™ products include QR code-accessible feature-by-feature augmented reality training for proper ergonomic application.
Ergonauts Approved™ for Organizations
We audit organizations’ quality systems to determine if they have practices, policies, and procedures in place to identify risk factors due to poor ergonomics and to prevent those risk factors from entering their operating systems. Only those systems that meet our rigorous standards earn the Ergonauts Approved™ endorsement.
Help for Designing Products and Processes
Whether it’s a product, a process, or any workspace-related solution, Ergonauts can design—or redesign—it for maximum safety, efficiency, and beauty. In addition to our product and process design capability, as a Lean organization, Ergonauts is uniquely qualified to assist your organization in all aspects of launching new products and processes from concept to channel.
Education & Consulting
Our Education & Consulting work helps people and organizations understand and integrate good ergonomics into their everyday lives and company cultures. Members of our leadership team are recognized experts in their areas of specialty and sought-after speakers. They develop and deliver training for companies and groups, and provide expert consulting tailored to specific needs.
Good ergonomics
is good for business