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Using our Lean platform designed to reduce evaluation time to as little as 15 minutes while still ensuring best practices, ErgoAlgo™ Office enables evaluators of all backgrounds to provide ergonomic assessments with an efficiency and ease not seen before in the industry.
The ErgoAlgo™ Office platform was built with your organization in mind. Whether you are managing a large corporation, outpatient clinic/office, solopreneurship, or side gig we are here to serve you.

Corporate Clients

The health and safety of your company’s employees is essential to running a successful and profitable business. The ErgoAlgo™ training and platform empowers your company to rapidly evaluate all of your desk-based workstations and optimize each one with industry leading consistency and accuracy.

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Outpatient Providers

Providing added value to your clients is an essential part of any successful business. As the work environment changes post-pandemic, an estimated 42% of home-based employees are reporting musculoskeletal pain. The ErgoAlgo™ training and platform lets you quickly add valuable non-insurance-based services that will protect your clients' health and expand your market.

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Independent Evaluators

Whether you run your own business or just looking for a rewarding side gig, Ergonauts can provide you with the tools to get up and running in as little as 2 hours!

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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Protecting your employees from potential injury is key to building a caring, fun, and productive work environment. Click below to learn more about the ErgoAlgo™ Office Evaluation and to get on track to a safer workspace today.

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