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Clinicians nationwide are fighting burnout by branching out to side gigs or solopreneurship.

Ergonomic Evaluations are great alternative sources of revenue, but they are time consuming and documentation heavy.

...until now.

ErgoAlgo™ Office

Rapid on-demand training

Evaluations completed in as little as 15 minutes

Instant report generation

Are you a healthcare clinician interested in a side-gig?

Cash-based solopreneur in search of ways to stabilize and grow your business?

Or maybe you are feeling burnt out and in need of a change of pace while still helping people in need?

Read on to find out if ErgoAlgo™ Office is the right fit for you.

ErgoAlgo™ Office

Rapid Evaluations = More Income!

In the United States, ergonomic evaluations cost between $150-$250, on average

ErgoAlgo™ Office evaluations can be completed in as little as 15 minutes (4 evaluations per hour)

$250/evaluation x 4 evaluations/hr = $1000/hr

Simple On-Demand Training!

Certification can be achieved anywhere

Typically in 2 hours or less

Automatic Report Generation = No Paperwork!

Easy to read reports are instantly sent to the appropriate individuals straight from the app

Our report provides one-click fulfillment options for any required remediations, improving client satisfaction and improving your likelihood of repeat business

Estimated Revenue Calculator for the Independent Ergonaut™ Evaluator

ErgoAlgo™ Office

Expected Number of Evaluations per Month:

Price You Charge per Evaluation (suggested $150-$250):

x 12 Months

Who is becoming an Independent Ergonaut™ Evaluator?

Full-time employed clinicians of all backgrounds (PTs, OTs, SLPs, RNs, Chiros, ATCs, etc.) looking to make some extra income

Clinicians seeking a change of pace from traditional patient care

Cash-based providers wanting stability during slower months

Solopreneurs building a broader client base by expanding services

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