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Throughout the years, many ergonomic professionals have resisted sharing their knowledge, often making it proprietary or using technical terms to scare away people from the safety and health fields... until Ergonauts.

ErgoAlgo™ Office On-Demand Training

Our virtual training program empowers ALL users of ALL backgrounds to confidently utilize the ErgoAlgo™ platform to assess any desk based work station, sitting or standing, and implement essential interventions.

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Certificate of the training which includes the trainee name, doctor signature, and official approval
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More than an App

ErgoAlgo™ Office was developed to solve the problem of poor ergonomics and prevent suffering. Our training develops the skills necessary to do that. Not just how to use our software.

Double Certified

ErgoAlgo™ Office training not only provides certification in the ErgoAlgo™ Office system, but it is also nationally recognized and approved for Continuing Education credit in a wide variety of fields.

Built for Speed (and Reliability)

ErgoAlgo™ Office training can be completed online, from anywhere, in approximately 2 hours – all while maintaining replicable results verified by progress assessments (chapter quizzes) and a final assessment.

How it Works

We've broken our training down into short skill modules that any user can apply immediately, following adult learning theory.

Then they are challenged with quizzes at the end of each short module, as they progress through the course.

Modules are structured in the proper sequence so skills and knowledge build upon the previous module.

After progressing through all the modules, there's a final exam that measures overall comprehension, not memorization.

Upon successful completion, each user will receive a certificate that recognizes their achievement. The user can then immediately download our technology and go to work.

We are NOT just teaching users to operate another software application. We are teaching core information to conduct ergonomic workstation evaluations efficiently and consistently utilizing a systematic, Lean approach.

What is Lean?

The term “LEAN” is synonymous with the most efficient way to perform any process. Our technology is based on Lean principles... some of the same principles that allow car manufacturers to put a vehicle off the assembly line every 58 seconds.
  • 5S. We teach users how to systematically organize workstations to maximum efficiency.

  • Training. Our training teaches users step-by-step how to conduct an ergonomics evaluation.

  • Standardization. The design functionality of our technology leads users through an evaluation in what we consider to be the most efficient order— every time. If you have multiple users in multiple locations, they will all be following the same order of operations, producing consistent results.

  • Mistake Proofing. Based on data from a global research project, up to 30% of ergonomic workstation evaluations have errors. Ergonauts has designed our technology based on the Lean Principle of Poka-Yoke, or mistake proofing.

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