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Rapid on-demand training

Evaluations completed in as little as 15 minutes

Instant report generation

Check your potential revenue and time savings.

Estimated Revenue Calculator for Clinics

ErgoAlgo™ Office

Number of Clinicians:

Expected Number of Evaluations per Month per Clinician:

Price You Charge per Evaluation (suggested $150-$250):

x 12 Months

ErgoAlgo™ Office

Rapid Evaluations = More Income!

In the United States, ergonomic evaluations cost between $150-$250, on average

ErgoAlgo™ Office evaluations can be completed in as little as 15 minutes (4 evaluations per hour)

$250/evaluation x 4 evaluations/hr = $1000/hr

Simple On-Demand Training!

Certification can be achieved anywhere

Typically in 2 hours or less

Automatic Report Generation = No Paperwork!

Easy to read reports are instantly sent to the appropriate individuals straight from the app

Our report provides one-click fulfillment options for any required remediations, improving client satisfaction and improving your likelihood of repeat business

Why do clinics choose ErgoAlgo™ Office?

Serve more clients in more settings

Add non-insurance-based revenue

Subsidize income during slower months

Expand customer base within the community

Prevent employee burnout by breaking up their work day while still being productive

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